Mucus extractor

Name: Mucus Extractor


Type: F6F8F10F12F14F16

The Mucus Extractor is composed of adjustable valve, top lid, suction catheter,

sputum suction catheter, bottom lid and storage bottle. 


Intended use   

This device has a flexible tube made of plastic designed for periodic aspiration

of liquids and/or semi-solids from a patient's upper airway. It usually has a smooth

and rounded distal-tip configuration, including end and side holes; The suction

catheter include a finger-controlled valve to regulate the suctioning pressure.

The device is externally attached through a large-diameter sputum suction

catheter to a collection bottle; it is used to remove excessive internal secretions

from the lungs, bronchi, trachea, and pharynx. This is a single-use device.